Research Staff

    Meet the Great Lakes Medical Research, LLC professional research team. Our team values quality patient care and accurate study results. Please contact us at 1 (440) 205-1225 for any questions relating to ongoing clinical research studies and opportunities at our site.





    Keith Friedenberg, MD

    Don Brinberg, MD

    Research Manager

    Mark Mettler, MBA

    Research Assistant

    Melissa Smallwood

    Enrollment Coordinator
    Heather Pearce

    Multi-Specialty Study Coordinators
    Kim Niehus, CLPN
    Janet Sustar, LPN
    Melissa Smallwood


    Gastroenterology Study Coordinators
    Jen Rozelman
    Renee Nerderman
    Pat Novak, RN
    Debbie Donohue, RN
    Lori Shelby, RN


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