About Us
    Our intent is to provide the community with a personalized approach to clinical research trials. The combined efforts of our expert staff of specialty physicians and licensed caregivers is dedicated to enriching the lives of patients through research. We strive to bring new medical therapies to our community through the careful and deliberate supervision of investigational medical studies.
    Looking to participate in research studies?
    Great Lakes Medical Research offers a variety of medical specialties such as gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology, immunology, ENT, wound care, podiatry, allergies, and family medicine to name a few. Register with us today to learn how you can help!

    Great Lakes Medical Research

    Great Lakes Medical Research, LLC (GLMR) originated in 2007 as a single-specialty clinical research site and expanded to a multi-specialty site in 2012. GLMR collaborates with the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical trials of ground breaking medical therapies.  Our mission is to serve our patients and our community by providing access to the newest ideas in medicine

    Medical research is an ever changing field that requires a dedicated and motivated team with broad healthcare experience.  The research team at GLMR consists of physicians who are board certified in a variety of specialties, physician assistants, registered nurses, allied health professionals, and research coordinators.  All of our staff works together to achieve both excellent care and outstanding patient satisfaction.

    Great Lakes Medical Research actively creates partnerships between study participants and highly trained medical specialists who represent a wide variety of fields. We facilitate cutting edge studies of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and hope to bring the benefit of new drugs and technologies to our patients.  Our research staff has a combined experience of over 350 clinical trials.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to sponsor research that makes cutting edge treatment and technology available to our patients and our community at large.